Churchschickenfeedback – Get Free Coupon – Church’s Chicken Survey

Churchschickenfeedback – The Church’s Chicken Guest Satisfaction Survey is an online survey produced by Church’s Chicken to assess consumer satisfaction with their services and goods.


Churchschickenfeedback – Get Free Coupon – Church’s Chicken Survey

This data will be used by the firm to improve their customer service, goods, and ambience. The simplest method for a business to learn what prospects care about is to just ask.

It’s a straightforward way for determining what people enjoy and hate, as well as areas where you might improve.

Church’s Chicken understands  that pleased consumers become regular, loyal customers who are more likely to repurchase and tell others about their experience.

How to Take the Survey

  • Please visit
  • To take the survey in Spanish, click the “Espanol” option, or continue in English.
  • Now, read the directions and click on the “CONTINUE” button.
  • Input the restaurant number, order number, and date/time printed on your receipt.
  • Press the “START” button.
  • Begin by selecting what kind of visit you had. Did you eat in, carry out, order online, have it delivered, or drive through?Next, r
  • Next, rate your overall satisfaction with your latest visit.
  • Rate your happiness with respect to the following: items on the menu, order precision, restaurant hygiene, courtesy of employees, and speed of service.
  • More factors to consider: the flavor of your meal, the staff’s menu expertise, the temperature of your food, the value of your visit, and the Church’s health and safety regulations.
  • Would you suggest Church’s Chicken to a friend or return in the next 30 days based on your experience?
  • Did you encounter any issues during your visit?
  • Did you order a single combination or a family meal?
  • Have you purchased the $5 Real Big Deal box?
  • Answer a few more questions that will appear.
  • You must now provide personal information such as your name, address, phone number, and email id.
  • When you finish the survey, you will see a Validation Code on your screen.
  • Make a note of it on your purchase receipt.
  • Carry it with you on your next visit and redeem the offer.

Benefits and Rewards

After completing the survey customers have the opportunity to win Church Chicken Coupon for a free meal. They can get a free chicken tender or a free drink.


Terms and Conditions www Church’s Chicken Feedback

For each visit, the offer is limited to one person. The survey must be taken within three days following the receipt’s issuing date.

The discount must be redeemed within 30 days after completing the survey. Offers may differ and are not negotiable in terms of money or other options.


A valid purchase receipt from Church’s Chicken Restaurant is necessary. A device such as a PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet with a reliable internet connection is essential for accessing the survey.

Participants must have a basic understanding of either English or Spanish, to be able to interpret and answer the questions asked in the survey.


Eligibility and Criteria

Participants must be legal residents of one of the 50 United States. At the time of taking the survey, one must be at least 18 years old. Church chicken family members and staff members are strictly forbidden from participating in the Church’s Chicken Customer Feedback Survey.

About Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken is an American fast food company based in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in fried chicken.

George W. Church Sr. launched the brand as Church’s Fried Chicken To-Go on April 17, 1952, across the street from The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. Outside of the United States, Church’s Chicken is known as Texas Chicken or Church’s Texas Chicken.

Friedman Fleischer & Lowe, an American private equity firm, now owns the chain. Currently, Church’s Chicken has over 1,700 outlets in 26 countries.



Measuring the satisfaction of customers is an essential reason to survey customers. Input gathered at various periods throughout the year might help the company compare data from one year to the next to evaluate if any adjustments are needed and whether they were received positively or had a significant impact.

This way the company will soon be able to track the progress of their business in real time. Surveying a consumer base is also another excellent way to get demographic information.

Knowing who their clients are enables a firm to improve their product and marketing. When you fill out a survey, here is where a lot of the value comes from.

A business wants to know who you are and what you liked and disliked so that they can sell to a larger audience of people who have your background or interests.

It’s critical for businesses to start by paying attention to their customers. You should survey your customers to find out how they feel about your company, its products, services, and prices.

Churchschickenfeedback FAQs

  • How can I contact Church’s Chicken in case of queries or complaints?

Answer – You can reach out to their Customer Support team via: 1-866-345-6788

  • Where can I follow Church’s Chicken?

Answer – You can follow them on the following social media platforms:

      • Instagram:
      • Facebook:
      • Twitter:

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