Mysubwaycard – Get Online Benefits – Stellar Survey

Mysubwaycard – These are prepaid cards that may be used at any Subway location to purchase items. There are real cards as well as virtual cards (i.e. codes) accessible.


Mysubwaycard – Get Online Benefits – Stellar Survey

Some cards may be recharged and reused via the Subway mobile app or online. The lowest balance that may be held on each card is $5, and the maximum balance that can be carried on any card is $500.

Purchase RequiredYes
Age Limit 13 Years & Above
PrizeSubway Card and eGift Card
LocationAny Restaurant In The US or Canada
Entry ModeOnline, Swiping the Card Method and By Calling

How to Get a Subway Card

There are a few ways to get the my subway gift card:

  • You can get an ecard online (My subway ecards are digital copies of my subway cards that are sent to the user’s email address or phone number instead of their physical address.)
    • Go to the Mysubwaycard official website at
    • Next, click the “Sign Up” button.
    • Then enter your first name, last name, email id, password, password confirmation, country, and contact number.
    • Then, to register your account, click the JOIN NOW button.
    • You must log in to your account after activating your Mysubwaycard in order to see your information and transaction history. Logging into your account is a straightforward process that requires no effort. To a large degree, has attempted to develop an online web site that is extraordinarily user-friendly and safe. Look at the Mysubwaycard login process below:
    • Go to
    • Enter the email ID and password you gave during the signup process.
    • Please double-check that both login credentials are accurate.
    • To access your account, click the SIGN IN button after validating your login credentials.
  • You can get a physical card by visiting any Subway store near you and asking for the card. You will have to provide your PIN and contact details for the same.

Benefits and Rewards

There are many discounts that one can avail if he/she owns this card. Also, in case the card expires or gets lost, it is very easy to recover it using the mobile app.

On birthdays and during other gatherings, you can send a present to your family and friends. Users do not need to bring cash with them to supper or meal since they can use Subway Gift Cards to swiftly pay. When you use your Subway Gift Card to make a purchase, you will be rewarded with points.

When one activates the Mysubwaycard for the first time, Subway will give $50 in points as a gift. On your receipt, you will see a unique discount.

When you have enough points, you can redeem them. You may obtain 4 tokens for every dollar you spend; collect 200 tokens and you will automatically receive a $2 reward.

Tokens are added to guests’ accounts with each purchase. You may use your $2 reward on any menu item, including salads, cookies, sandwiches, beverages, etc.


Terms and Conditions Mysubwaycard Com Activate

The card must be used at least once per year or the reward points that you have collected will expire. For redeeming these points you must be registered on the official portal of MySUbwayCard.

You may order up to nine mysubwaycards as a gift at the same time and the maximum reward points limit is 5000. Subway gift cards and subway e-cards may only be used at participating Subway.

Hence, before using these gift cards or e-cards, make sure they are compatible with your local subway store. There is no expiration date for Subway Gift Cards.


Purchasing mysubway gift cards online allows the buyer to pick or choose a card generated from preset settings, but it also allows you to create the gift card in a more personalized way by customizing the gift card with an image you can upload from any internet accessing device such as a laptop or PC.

So to get an e-card one must have access to the internet and have a basic understanding of either English or Spanish.


Eligibility and Criteria

Any person above the age of 13, who is also a legal resident of either the United States or Canada can register for mysubwaycard.

About Stellar

Subway’s origins may be traced back to August 1965, when Fred DeLuca, aged 17, started Pete’s Super Submarine, a sandwich store in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Subway is now the largest sandwich chain in the world, with over 16,242 independently owned stores in 73 countries. Its restaurants serve a range of submarine sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. 

While carryout orders account for a sizable portion of Subway’s sales, the majority of the chain’s locations provide sitting spaces where customers may enjoy their sandwiches and salads.

Around 2,900 Subway locations are smaller units that operate in retail stores, rest areas, and railway stations.



Every visit to a Subway restaurant is safe, secure, and convenient with the Subway Card. This card is also ideal as a gift for folks who prefer healthier fast food options.

You may add money to your Subway Card at any moment, and you can also view your previous purchases as they are saved in your account.

As a result, it is suggested that regular Subway users obtain the mysubwaycard and take advantage of the benefits.

Mysubwaycard FAQs

  • How to contact Subway for the card?

Answer – You can call them on: 1-877-697-8222

  • What are the benefits of MySubwayCard?

Answer – When you register on the official site, you will be given some redeemable reward points. These points must be redeemed at any Subway location. After you redeem these points, you will be offered several meals at a significant discount.

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